Animate objects

What will I learn in this module?

By the end of this module, you will know the most common animation effects and be able to use any of them on the object of your choice (either a picture, a shape or a text). You will be able to use it whenever you want: for the entrance, the exit of an object, or while it is shown on your screen. You will master the timing of your work and know how to make the actions follow automatically.

What is the purpose of animation?

Moves have their own meaning. By working on the animations inside your slides, you will be able to: • Make some objects appear or disappear according to your wishes without creating a lot of slides • Create expectations to keep your public in suspense • Insist on some points that you may find essential.

Effective and professional

As an animation expert, you will make your presentation more dynamic and powerful. The control of time contributes to a more comfortable talk thanks to automation.

This is an example of a PowerPoint presentation, you can download it or open it directly in OneDrive to have access to the animations.

Freedom of action

Far from restraining your creativity, PowerPoint offers a broad range of entirely customizable animations to fit your needs. The animation tab shows some predefined effects which you can access through a wide board of symbols, but using the right part of the ribbon you will change the parameters of animation and set up the timing. It is possible to combine simple moves (as straight lines, rotations and zoom) and you can even draw your own trajectories.

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