Data aggregation

What is the VLOOKUP function?

The VLOOKUP function allows you to go search for a value in a table. The "V" stands for Vertical: this function will look for structured data columns, which is almost always the case (there is also the lesser used HLOOKUP)

In general, this function allows you to combine data from different tables in a single order to make analyses more effective

Example of the use of the VLOOKUP function

Let's say that you need to analyze a contact list containing phone numbers. You have a correlation table between dialling code and country. Using VLOOKUP will allow you to know quickly where your contacts are from, according to their dialling code

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VLOOKUP function Syntax

The VLOOKUP function uses 4 parameters :

Limitations / Disadvantages

VLOOKUP has two major drawbacks:

Excel offers other features like INDEX() and MATCH() that can solve those problems